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A message from Laura...

I love transforming my client's lives with Mind Body Personal Training. Watching a client learn something new and perform an exercise or activity of daily living that was previously impossible, or describe their first day of pain free movement, is what brings me my greatest joy. My sessions are playful, educational, transformational and always inspiring. As a personal trainer, I believe that health comes from harmony of mind, body and spirit, and that exercise is a vehicle for self exploration, healing, wholeness, and joy. For me, teaching the joy of mindful movement is my life’s path and I look forward to sharing this gift with you.

I've been offering Mind Body Personal Training for 30 years. During these years I've created a unique set of tools for these transformational sessions including teaching proper Core Activation, improving posture, understanding Pain and Pain Relief, Balance Training, Chi Kung & Breathwork, Yoga for flexibility, Pilates for core strength and stability, and GYROKINESIS® exercise for spinal mobility. During each session I weave in my vast and deep well of knowledge (both Eastern Contemplative and Western Anatomy, Physiology, & Biomechanics) allowing me to offer my client's a depth of study and experience rarely found. As a Licensed Medical Massage therapist (Hawaii) I have additional specialized training in functional anatomy along with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

​I bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to you at your home (or outdoor space), clients are welcome to train at our private studio, and via Skype or FaceTime. The possibilities are endless.

I look forward to being your coach and helping you attain your fitness and wellness goals.

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​​Sessions available:

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Praise for Mind Body Personal Training with Laura...

“I wanted to write and say thank you for the amazing massages and Yoga class Laura and Steve did for our guests during our family vacation on the Big Island. The massages were some of the best we’ve ever had. But the Yoga class blew our minds. We had tweens/teens in the class who immediately connected with Laura – they loved it! Our grandparents felt honored and respected and enjoyed the modifications Laura gave them to make Yoga accessible to them. For those of us who do Yoga on a regular basis, Laura blew our minds with how she explained each and every pose. What the pose is supposed to be doing for your body, which muscles we were to use, where we should be feeling it, and most importantly where NOT to feel it. She gave very clear instruction to create the proper feel in the body. I never knew which muscles to use before and this has completely transformed my yoga practice. Our favorite part of the class was watching our “meat-head” husbands doing Yoga for the first time. Watching the beads of sweating pouring off their brow, hearing them groan with the work, and having them love every minute of it was worth every penny. Now our husbands are interested in pursuing more Yoga with us wives.

We later found out that the only reason Laura and Steve had the time to work with us (two days of 8 massages per day plus a 1.5 hour sunset yoga class) was because they were getting ready to move away from Hawaii. If you are lucky enough you live near their new studio. Do not hesitate to work with them. They are both the finest of their craft that we’ve experienced and worth every penny they charge. Be prepared to be amazed.

Thank you both so much. We’re now talking of having our next big family vacation in Southern California so we can book the two of you again. And this time, we’ll book more massages and definitely more Yoga.”

Christine M
Detroit, MI

"I have suffered with severe back pain for over 15 years. I have felt as if my life was taken away because of the pain. I have seen chiropractors, pain doctors, surgeons (I've had several surgeries), physical therapists, and massage therapists. All have given some temporary relief. Now I'm learning Pilates. I'm learning to use different muscles to move properly. This is taking the strain off the back muscles, tendons, vertebrae and discs that cause my pain. I have had physical therapy exercises prescribed before, but I never seemed to keep doing them on my own. Now I understand what is actually happening in my body with the Pilates exercises. And I can feel the results. I am doing my Pilates exercises every day. If I practice my Pilates movements daily, I keep my back pain in check. Working with Laura has given me my life back." 

-- David E.

"I work in the hospitality industry. Several years ago I hurt my back at work. I saw the doctor, received medication for the pain, and was sent to physical therapy. Yet my back pain still persisted pretty severely. Now I am doing Pilates. In the first month of Pilates lessons with Laura my back pain decreased to where it was hardly noticeable. I cannot believe the difference this has made in the quality of my life. Thank you!" 

-- Pamela D.

​"I work in a high stress job. The breathing techniques that I learned from Laura in our Yoga Therapy lessons alone have really helped me. The breathing helps me to stay focused and reduce my stress. And the physical practice of Yoga has really helped me reduce the physical affects of stress on my body. I am sleeping better, feeling better, and I am more happy than I have been in years! Namaste and Mahalo for everything!" 

-- Jessica L.

"The gift of yoga and body awareness that I have received from Laura is a joy to experience. Thank you for being a true teacher." 

-- Lisa K.